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Notes on some TCP/IP WAN activities in xSU

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  • From: Oleg Tabarovsky < >
  • Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1992 20:21:56 +0300
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  • Organization: Relcom Corp. (Research & Development)

	Notes on some TCP/IP WAN activities in xSU

  Activities in the field of TCP/IP networking include SU domain
coordination, assignment of IP numbers to ex-Soviet organizations, 
development and operation of IP-network in SU. SU domain coordination and assignment of
IP numbers are carried out by RelTeam Ltd. private company.
xSU/RU NIC is hosted by RelTeam Ltd., it assigns IP numbers on behalf of
RIPE NCC. RelTeam Ltd. is also the main developer of all networking
software in EUnet/RELCOM network, and the coordinator of IP activities in

  Here follow some notes on current state and future of TCP/IP networking
in EUnet/RELCOM network operated by Relcom Corp.

  Currently EUnet/RELCOM network connects approximately 3000 sites all
over xSU. EUnet/RELCOM includes approximately 70 regional nodes
(backbones) in all former USSR republics and major cities. Currently
most links between nodes and sites in RELCOM are UUCP links.
International link now is UUCP connection to EUNet via host in

  The growth of the network, significant delays because of UUCP links,
inability to provide net services going beyond e-mail forced us 
to begin the turn from UUCP to TCP/IP network. The main problems we are 
facing are lack of at least medium speed digital channels (64K), of
appropriate routers (cisco's are still under COCOM restrictions for us)
and of properly trained staff at every EUnet/RELCOM node.

  Nevertheless, we try to solve all this problems (probably with the 
exception of the last one :-)).  Starting from the end of 1991 the kernel of xSU IP
network has begun to grow. Currently pilot IP network connects 11 LANs in
Moscow, Moscow region and Barnaul (Altai). The links are mostly voice grade
leased lines equipped with V32bis modems and dialup links (with permanent
connection) via high quality phone service called  ISKRA (former communist's
phone network).  ISKRA phone network connects almost all major xSU
cities and its quality permits reliable V32bis modem connections.

  Currently Moscow backbone consists of 3 routers at EUnet/RELCOM main
hub (KIAE premises), ISKRA POP and Moscow Long Distance Exchange.
All other networks which form current IP network kernel are
connected to these routers.

  Plans call for the establishment of international IP link to EUnet
cisco in Amsterdam through the router at Moscow
Long Distance Echange in just a few weeks.
Voice grade leased line which will form the link is going to be equipped with
ZyXEL modems at both ends. That will allow to exchange data at speed up to 16800 bps 

  During the first stage of IP network development in xSU we plan to connect
all major EUnet/RELCOM nodes via voice grade leased lines and ISKRA
dialup links.  In the near future (until the end of 1992) we hope to 
establish up to 20 IP links via
leased lines and several other links via ISKRA, these links will form 
the global IP network connecting at least 50 LANs. Regional backbones will
in their turn form intraregional IP networks in such areas as Siberia,
Ural, Altai, St.Petersburg, Ukraine, Far East and others.

 Now few technical details on currently used software and hardware. Lack of
appropriate routers forced us to develop our own solutions. First of all
we developed CSLIP software which is capable to use several physical
links for one network interface. Such software allows us to achieve
acceptable bandwidth (for example ~6KB/sec FTP for ASCII files) in the
absence of medium and high speed links, and provide good backup in case
if one of the links fails. We plan to develop in the nearest future the
same software for PPP protocol.

   Routing software currently used is "routed" but it has become 
unacceptable due to significant growth of RIP traffic over the links. All
major routers (Moscow backbone routers first) will be upgraded to use
"gated" software (the latest "gated-alpha" and gated-3.0 when it will be
released). Using gated will allow to use BGP-3 between major border
routers, highly reducing routing traffic. Using BGP-3 will also allow
simple routing between xSU AS and Amsterdam cisco. Future plans based on
utilizing gated software includes switching to OSPF as IGRP. Until that
time networks will still speak RIP to backbone routers.

   Router's built-in software for "firewall-alike" functionality, IP
accounting and priority queues is also under development and will be
installed soon.

   Router's hardware currently consists of 386/33 (486/50 planned), 
8/16 channel DigiBoards and Ethernet card(s). We also plan to install 
appropriate 64K interface.

Contacts for EUnet/RELCOM & RelTeam Ltd.:
	Nickolay Saukh 	- nms@localhost
	Valery Bardin	- fox@localhost
	Oleg Tabarovsky	- olg@localhost

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