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Re: Open letter

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  • From: Peter Lothberg < >
  • Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 18:29:09 MET DST
  • Cc: Jon Crowcroft < >

> Thanks Jon,
> There are a couple of comments I would like on you comments though:
> 	  >- DNS
> 	 i think dns is subsumed in management - i would say just 
> 	 routing & Management
> 	 (but possibly also IPv7 evolution).
> The whole issue is of course to maintain reasonalbe full control of
> routing and mangement so that any migration to IPv7, CIDER TUBA etc
> MAY be possible.

IPv7 is CLNP on the 'internetworking' layer, no magic, and it still
have some of the old source/dest limitation's, even thus it might do
some good. (Personally I think we need another kind of toy here)

Cider, is something we need today, and put's limitations on the
topology if we want it to make the big routing table savings we baadly
need, NOW!

There is somthing more, routing of troble-tickets, with todays
international cooperation among all the actors (maybe not EMPB) we can
receive a user complain't and get it resolved , even if it crosses
*MANY* operators/networks.

> As for DNS, some think they can build Internets without DNS support...
> This is the best single reason why all open Internet service providers
> has to interconnect. Thus you end up in interconnection agreements,
> topology and routing issues.
> --mats

Not mentioning those who have 'fake' roots that sometimes 
poisions the whole system for others. 

This is actually a crusial point, the DNS system is based on
countrycodes and it should be made avaliable for all networking 
organisations in that country, and it has to be fully interconnected.


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