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Re: National NICs sought for Network Number Assignments

  • To: Hank Nussbacher < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Wed, 12 Aug 92 13:40:09 +0200
  • Cc:

  > Hank Nussbacher HANK@localhost writes:
  > Which is why Israel decided to fund the NCC with a 1000ECU contribution
  > per year.  

Which is very much apreciated and should be an incentive for those who
don't contribute yet.  As a reminder: The NCC funding for the first year
of operation is from all full national members of RARE (i.e.  their
academic and R&D networks), EARN and EUnet plus the above mentioned
contribution from Israel. 

  > At some point the NCC might have to fix costs per country (which
  > is what the OU is supposed to do), 

Personal opinion (usual disclaimers apply).  

I do not believe that the RARE OU should perform the NCC services.  The
RARE OU will be a service provider and it would be impossible to collect
funding from the whole community (all service providers) if the NCC
would be organisationally contained in one of the service providers. 
Also -whatever it really does- the NCC will not be regarded as a
"neutral" coordination body.  Conclusion: In my opinion the NCC cannot
operate as part of the OU. 

  > but until that time comes around that
  > doesn't mean we should all freeload on the services of the NCC (registering
  > domains and people and networks takes time as well as the excellent
  > quarterly report they have produced so far).

Current funding for the NCC runs out in March next year.  What is needed
is continued funding after that.  This funding needs to come from a much
broader base than the current one.  So *all* service providers should
contribute to next year's funding!  During next year a study should then
be done into how for the time thereafter the funding shares can be
determined based on usage or other criteria.  The funding model for the
global NIC will also be a consideration in this. 

END personal opinion. 


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