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Re: National NICs sought for Network Number Assignments

  • To: Juha Heinanen < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Tue, 11 Aug 92 14:38:14 +0200
  • Cc:

  > Juha Heinanen <Juha.Heinanen@localhost writes:
  > daniel,
  > funet provides numbers for it members as do datanet, fuug, lanlink,
  > etc.  for their customers.  to my knowledge there doesn't exist a
  > place in finland where someone who is not associated with any of these
  > service providers could get their numbers.  i did it for a several
  > years and then stopped because of the work load.  i don't know what
  > the right solution would be.  it is simple question of money ...

The way things are set up now this means that the RIPE NCC will have to
do that work according to its charter.  This means that FUNET will pay
for (a share of) it because it funds part of the RIPE NCC.  FUUG will
also pay a share of it because EUnet contributes to NCC funding as well.
What about lanlink and datanet? 

Conclusion: We must find a European -and ultimately world wide- method
of funding NCC (and NIC) activities correctly.  The more I think about
it the more I think that "renting out" address space is the way to do it
for the registration service.  But how to charge and how to split the
revenue among national NICs, the NCC and the global NIC is a very tricky
thing.  In the meantime it would be beneficial to the community if
commercial providers which do not yet contribute to NCC funding would
consider contributing.  It is not much money in absolute terms if
everyone chips in.  ANd it is good for their business too. 



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