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  • To: (Bernhard Stockman)
  • From: (Simon Poole)
  • Date: Fri, 7 Aug 92 11:32:06 MET DST
  • Cc:


	while I fully agree with practically all your comments, I do have
a remark to the paragraph below.

>     The IXI Production Service prices are based on the assumption that at
>     least 75 64 Kbps access point equivalents will be contracted where a
>     64 Kbps access point counts as 1 and a 2 Mbps access points counts as
>     11.4.  If it turns out that there is not enough 64 Kbps equivalents
>     sold, the price offer will not be valid.

In none of papers I have seen is the provision of IP service by IXI-PS 
made dependent on any specific number of "ports" being signed up. It is 
entirly possible that the 75 64 Kbps access point equivalents will be 
signed up for X.25 use alone (in fact if you assume that the TRIXI 
proponents will sign up for 2MB service, and that the current IXI 
subscribers will keep at least their current connections, it is trivial).
Besides this, there are a couple of obvious sales tatics that can be
employed to make any "boycott" of IXI-PS doomed to fail.


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