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Ripe support to eastern Europe.

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  • From: Peter Lothberg < >
  • Date: Wed, 5 Aug 92 13:36:50 MET DST

Dear Ripe members...

The document, wich I pass along some parts of, seems to be a proposal to
get money to extend the connectivity in eastern Europe.

I'm a naive user, living in a remote place of the earth called Sweden, but
I have the posibilities of sending E-mail, getting NETnews, do remote login
to exotic places like the Ripe NCC in the Netherlands. I sometimes receives
mail from the UK, Japan, Estonia and Russia. 

I really don't knew how, but it works. Last week I learned about audio-
conferencing, a great tool to speed up cooperative work among users on
different locations.

Well, the wole paper I found, did not say a word about that, they talk about
X25, X400 and X500, wich I don't knew what it stands for. 

The people in the room next to me talks about RFC-822, multicast-routing and
BGP-4. I don't knew what that is either...

But I can read my mail, talk to remote computers and all I needed basically
came with my PC.

So, why are not Ripe and others that really makes Europe comunicate mentioned
in this proposal??!

I suggest that Ripe submitts a request for resources from the CEC to extend
the user-functionality I have to the rest of europe.

Globally connected networks should be a human right!


>>Comment: RARE Eastern-European Connectivity
>>Originator: ceec@localhost
>>Return-Path: kalin@localhost
>>Version: 5.41 -- Copyright (c) 1991/92, Anastasios Kotsikonas
>>Subject: CEC final+ 1.
>>Dear coleagues,
>>This is an electronic copy of the APPLICATION. The final edited
>>version was prepared by XYW word processor and therefore  I
>>can't guaranty that those are identical.
>>As far as the ANNEX is concerned it will be printed tomorrow
>>so if there is something important to say, please do it.
>>General remark: operational management should be done by the bodies
>>being charged to provide the service on the European level (eg.
>>COSINE MHS, COSINE Paradise, ...).
>>The theme of the  cooperation is the sharing of  knowledge
>>in installation, management  and utilization of  "message handling
>>systems" and  "directory databases".
>>The objective is to establish  open data communication networks in CEE
>>countries and their interconnection with networks of the Community as part
>>of the common scientific infrastructure in Europe, by providing
>>message delivery and directory database services.
>>     With  this  infrastructure  this  project  will significantly
>>enhance scientific and technological cooperation in Europe.
>>     The objectives of the participants in the M&DS network are to
>>promote the  pan European  scientific community  by providing well
>>managed,  reliable  services  for  their  daily work in a computer
>>network supported electronic  way.  It is  a objective too  that a
>>forum would be  created for the  scientists, technical people  and
>>managers  working  in  the  CEE-Countries  and are involved in the
>>computer  communications  field  which  helps  them  to   smoothly
>>integrate into the existing and evolving pan European forums.
>>The MHS WEP and the Directory DSA in each CEE-Coutry will  be
>>connected to  the COSINE  system either  via IXI  or other
>>suitable means.
>>The final solution will be  elaborated during the lifetime of  the
>>project and it is the subject  of an other proposal submitted  to the

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