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National NICs sought for Network Number Assignments

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  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Mon, 27 Jul 92 14:50:11 +0200

The US NIC has started forwarding network number assignment requests to
the NCC.  This means the NCC must decide how to proceed with assignments
which cannot be handled through service providers.  Of course we will
recommend that those requesting a number for a network which intends to
connect to the Internet obtain their numbers from the relevant service

In cases where there is no immediate intention to connect to the
Internet or where a service provider has not been selected the NCC will
have to assign a number from a reserved block.  We intend to pull these
numbers from country specific blocks.  This can all be done immediately
as far as the NCC is concerned.  Now we know that in some countries
there are estblished NICs caterin to such "no provider (yet)" cases.  It
is preferable to have these NICs process the "no provider" requests
rather than the NCC.  Besides lowering NCC workload :-) this has the big
advantage of locally knowledgeable people judging requests and sericve
being provided in the local language.  On the other hand, the NCC needs
to ensure that at least the same level of service is obtained than
through the US NIC. 

Consequently we need the NICs to agree to provide an appropriate level
of service for *all* requests from a particular country which we forward
to them.  I think a three working day response time is a good goal to go
for.  Note that response time does not mean that a number has to be
assigned in three days because a request might need further
clarification especially for class B (and A :-) requests.  The national
NICs must be unbiased and recognised by all service providers in that
country.  This also means that unless special arrangements are made
there can be only one such NIC per country, as the NCC needs a clearly
defined referral point.  Also the national NICs must agree to adhere to
the RIPE procedures for assigning IP network numbers. 

My question to all those NICs: Please identify yourselves to
ncc@localhost.  Please also state that you accept the conditions above. 
Please provide us with an address where we can forward requests and 
a responsible person.


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