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[ripe-152bis] Updating "Charging by Local Internet Registries"

  • From: leo vegoda < >
  • Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 16:29:17 -0500


We have some subscribers and so I'd like to re-ask the question I asked at RIPE 46[1] in order to kick off some discussion.

This document currently states that:

"while registries may charge for their administrative and technical services, they may not charge for name space or address space as such; no unit cost or price tag can be attached to a domain name or to an IP address, public or private."

Should domain names be included in this document? Should AS Numbers be added?

Should the basic principal of only charging for administrative costs and technical services change?


leo vegoda
Registration Services Manager

[1] The draft minutes can be found at:

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