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PRIDE Tools Release update announcement

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  • Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 17:44:17 +0200
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Dear PRIDE Discussion List,

Please note that the pride-tools-1.0.4 version 
of the PRIDE tools is now available.

Please also note this will be last version of the PRIDE tools based
on the original RIPE-81 routing policy representation. This release also
contains the first release of the "prpath" tool. This has not been exstensively
tested so all feedback is welcome. All bugs/comments should be reported to 

This can be retrieved from:

The following changes have been made for this release.

Changes for the PRIDE-1.0.4 release


 1) All tools support new enviroment variales for whoishost and port

 2) Support for SOLARIS added. See TOP.make 

 3) General tidying of Makefile and Man Pages.


 1) The "-g" support has been added

 2) Slight tidying of policy code

 3) Updated man page

 4) Better handling of hostnames


 1) Updated man page


 1) First release containing prpath. See man page - Enjoy !

		--Tony & Marten

PRIDE (Policy Routing Implementation and Deployment in Europe) Project

FTP Access
PRIDE tools are available via anonymous FTP
from host  Type "ftp". 

Login with username "anonymous" supplying your email address as the 
password.  After logging in, type "cd pride/tools" followed 
by the commands, "bin" and then "get pride-tools-1.0.4.tar". 

Electronic Mail Retrieval of Files
Files can also be retrieved from the RIPE document store using a
mail server program.  For more information on how to use the program,
send email to: mail-server@localhost with "send HELP" in the body text. 

MIME Mail Reader
Below is the data which will enable a MIME compliant Mail Reader
implementation to automatically retrieve the Tools release.


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