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RNA Executive Board elections results

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  • From: Paul Ridley < >
  • Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 17:40:30 +0200

Dear contributors,

Following the election, just held at the 1997 RIPE NCC contributors meeting,
it is now known who the five people will be who will serve on the first RNA
Executive Board. The TERENA appointed EB member had already been chosen and 
other four EB memebers were elected by those contributors represented at 
meeting. The four members elected today were elected in four separate ballots,
each ballot being for an indiviual EB memebership place. Two of the four EB
member places are for a three year term and two for a one year term.

The results are as following:

Term of office		Name
3 years			Keith Mitchell
3 years			Frode Greisen
2 years			Kees Neggers (TERENA appointed member)
1 year			Wilfried Woeber
1 year			Wim Vink

Congratulations to those elected and thanks to all the other nominees and those
who took the effort to come to the contributors meeting to vote.

Other points arising from the contributors meeting will be detailed in the
meeting minutes which will be published as soon after the RIPE meeting as 


Paul Ridley

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