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RNA Executive Board elections

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  • From: Paul Ridley < >
  • Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 17:31:14 +0200

Dear contributors,

As stated in the mail from karel Vietsch, dated 01 September 1997,
the received nominations of people to serve on the
for the RNA Executive Board will be 
published on the 8th, 15th, and 22nd of September. This is the update
as of at 22nd September 1997.

In summary 7 people have now been nominated for the Executive Board.
Since the last update 1 person has withdrawn their nomination and 
two new nominations have been received. Below desriptions of 
the nominated persons can be found in the form of the published
nominations template however in short those nominated are:

Antonio-Blasco Bonito - Istituto CNUCE del CNR
Frode Greisen - Ebone A/S (Ebone Inc.)
Klaus Landefeld - Nacamar Europe
Keith Mitchell - London Internet Exchange
Martin Sarnberger - Taide Network
Cliff Stanford - Deamon Internet Ltd.
Wim Vink - EUnet International BV
Wilfried Woeber - ACOnet

Name:       Antonio-Blasco Bonito
Affiliation: Istituto CNUCE del CNR
Function:   CNR Local Internet Registry

History of involvement with European Internet and RIPE NCC:

1984 to 88, technical manager of the first italian link-up to
the Arpanet network via the SATNET satellite network, connecting Pisa
to the USA, Germany, Norway, and the UK.

1989, partecipated in RIPE activities since the beginning

1989-91, member of the team in charge of planning and setting in operation
the italian research network backbone, known as GARR network. He started
the DNS server for the country TLD ".it" and worked to deploy the DNS
technology in Italy.

1992-96 Manager of GARR-NIS (Network Information Service which plays the
role or Italian Registration Authority. He has been very active defining
the italian naming rules actually in place.

1993 member of the IP Pilot Project activating the european backbone
EuropaNET, and then 1993-95 has held the post of Access Port Manager
for the GARR backbone link-up, to closely follow routing problems with
european and US backbones.

Holds the vice-chairman position of RIPE.
Active in DNS, Local-IR and Data-Base RIPE technical working groups.

Presently doing research work on desktop multimedia network conferencing.

Position and goals w.r.t.  the RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC should maintain its neutral position as an organisation
providing high quality services and credible industry self regulation.
It should not get involved in activities that do not require neutrality.


Name:       	Frode Greisen
Affiliation:   	Ebone A/S (Ebone Inc.)
Function:   	Managing Director

History of involvement with European Internet and RIPE NCC:

Frode Greisen is managing director of Ebone Inc. which provides a European
IP backbone connecting 78 Internet Service Providers in 30 countries. He
has worked with computers since 1963 and with computer networks since

He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society since 1992
and served as its treasurer until he was elected chairman of the Society
in 1997.

He was the president of the European Research and Education Network (EARN)
from 1989 to 1995. EARN was an early supporter of the RIPE NCC and
provided a substantial part of its funding until the present system with
user payment was set up. At the merger between EARN and Reseaux Associee
de la Recherche Europeenne (RARE) in October 1994 into the Trans-European
Education and Research Networking Association (TERENA) he was elected
president of TERENA and he served in that position until May 1995.

Frode Greisen was born in 1940 and obtained his M.Sc. in electrical
engineering in 1964 and a Ph.D. in solid state physics in 1968 from the
Technical University of Denmark. He was at the Technical University of
Denmark first as a research assistant and later as an assistant professor
from 1964 to 1970, with IBM Denmark from 1971 to 1977 and with the Danish
Computing Center for Research and Education from 1978 to 1996. He was
acting part time as general manager for the Ebone consortium from 1992 to
1996 when the Ebone Association and the Ebone company were established
and he joined the company as a full time employee in 1996.

Position and goals regarding the RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC should maintain its neutral position while continuing to
provide high quality services to its users. It should be sensitive to user
needs but only get involved with activities where the neutrality can be
preserved and where it does not unduly compete with its users.

The RIPE NCC should be involved in the world wide policies for IP number
administration and make sure its user's interests are considered as this
administration, including the IANA, is developing.

Name:       	Klaus Landefeld
Affiliation:    Nacamar Europe
Function:   	Managing Director

History of involvement with European Internet and RIPE NCC:

Klaus Landefeld is managing director of Nacamar, which operates a worldwide
data network currently connecting 25 countries. He is involved with
computers since 1980 when he started designing hard and software, in   
1986 he founded his first company 'Landefeld Datenkommunikation' which
specialized in network opeartions, LAN, X.25, Mailboxes et al. Early in 1990
this lead to first involvements with internet technology and standards,
which were implemented in the company products. Since 1993 opeartions in 
commercial internet activity dominated his work, leading to the founding of 
'Nacamar Data Communications', one of the major German Backbone ISP's
today and part of the international Nacamar Group. 

As part of the initial Team, Klaus was involved in the setup and technical
layout of the German exchange point, DE-CIX. Today he is a member of the
board in the governing body, eco e.V, and directly responsible for the
DE-CIX. He is taking part in German and European regulatory considerations,
lately leading to the new German 'IuKDG', a regulatory act regarding
electronic signatures and a legal envelope for service providers. 'Peeking
over the big lake' he voices opinions with the CIX community and US
regulatory actions as well.

He first took interest in RIPE 1994, direct involvement started in  
1995 when he became first chair of the new IPv6-WG. Since then his input
has become valuable to all kinds of working groups throughout the community.
Klaus is to be meet at RIPE meeting on a regular base.

His work focus today is on developing grounds for electronic commerce
throughout Europe, legaly as well as technically. Side issues are QoS and 
any kind of new technologies related to the 'global network'. 

Position and goals regarding the RIPE NCC

The new RIPE organisation should - while staying neutral on its course -
primarily serve it's member organisations in every way possible, providing
the excellent service given in the past.
Landefeld believes RIPE to be uniquely qualified to take a role in upcoming
regulatory issues within the EC, effectively not releasing but taking over
official responsibility for Internet related issues. Parttaking in inter-
national governing bodys should be encuraged and executed.

Given the applications Landefeld although pointed out that he feels the
skills required for successfull RNA board membership have to be prominently
diplomatic over technical.

Name:         Keith Mitchell 
Affiliation:  London Internet Exchange (LINX) 
Function:     Executive Chairman 
History of involvement with European Internet and RIPE NCC:

Keith Mitchell was first involved with what is now known as the
Internet over 10 years ago, as a postgraduate at University College

While working on TCP/IP and X.25 software development and internal
network management for Edinburgh-based Networking company Spider
Systems Ltd between 1986 and 1991, Keith was a representative on the
board of the UK Internet Consortium, a pressure group seeking to
make Internet services available in the UK.

In early 1992, Keith joined Unipalm to become one of the founder
members of PIPEX. After 3 years as PIPEX Technical Manager, Keith
became Head of Engineering of PIPEX International, supporting
wholesale Internet connections to providers outside the UK.  

In May 1996, Keith's involvement since its 1994 inception with the London
InterNet Exchange (LINX) became the full-time role of Executive
Chairman of this UK not-for-profit inter-provider organisation. He
is also a non-executive Director of NOMINET UK.

Position and goals regarding the RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC should continue to build on its track record of
technical excellence in Internet registration, allocation,
co-ordination and training services. While the focus for these
activities will be in Europe, the NCC should maintain leadership in
global number allocation bodies, policy and research.

Involvement in lobbying activities is incompatible with the
NCC's neutral technical role, but it is in a unique position to act
in an advisory capacity to inform the current debates on Internet
regulation within Europe and could co-ordinate appropriately with
relevant bodies.

The RIPE NCC's highest priority is nonetheless service to its
members, and it is important this is delivered in a high quality,
fair, and efficient manner to all.


Name:       	Martin Sarnberger
Affiliation:   	Taide Network
Function:   	Technical Director

Template format not followed.

The nomination states that Martin Sarnberger is a very skilled technical
person who takes his duties at Taide Network seriously. He also has
necessary experience to serve actively on the Executive Board.

Name:		Cliff Stanford
Affiliation: 	Demon Internet Ltd.
Function: 	Managing Director and Chief Executive.

History of involvement with European Internet and RIPE NCC

Cliff Stanford is a name widely recognised and respected throughout
the world wide Internet industry for bringing the Internet into
the home and office.

In 1992 Stanford founded Demon Internet, the first low cost dialup
Internet access provider in Europe. In 1997 Demon Internet was
recognised as the largest dialup Internet access provider in Europe, with
services also in the Netherlands.

Through Stanford, Demon has achieved several firsts:

1995 The first ISP to offer 100% local call coverage in the UK.
1996 The first ISP in the United Kingdom to have DS-3 connectivity

Stanford was also heavily involved in setting up the London Internet
Exchange, arguable the best run and managed exchange point in the

Not content with just these achievements, Stanford has remained in
the Internet business, unlike many other founders, and has also
more recently supported the startup of the Internet Watch Foundation.
Stanford was a key supporter of the LINX becoming a trade assocation to
further the cause of the Internet and its users throughout Europe.
Stanford is currently an elected board member of the LINX and has 
been involved in many of the RIPE meetings throughout the past few

Stanford is a strong believer in the Internet and his key goal is
to bring the Internet to as many people as possible for as little
as possible.

Before being involved in the Internet, Stanford was a partner in
Demon Systems. A software house specialising in tailoured software

Position and goals regarding the RIPE NCC

Stanford believes that RIPE NCC is a key organisation in the future
development of the Internet in Europe and throughout the World.
The RIPE NCC should not only be involved in the world wide policy
for IP number and routing, but it should be leading the world in
its policies whilst maintaining the needs and interests of the RIPE
NCCs users in defining these policies.

Stanford also believes that the RIPE NCC should not compete with
its users and maintain neutrality in all its tasks.

Name: 		Wim Vink
Affiliation:	EUnet International BV
Function:	Managing Director

History of involvement with European Internet and RIPE NCC:

Wim Vink is Managing Director of the EUnet Group based in Amsterdam. Mr.
Vink joined EUnet from the open systems organisation X/Open Company Ltd. His
career spans more than 25 years in IT and includes previous senior posts
with Atlantic Computers, Europe; COMCAP; and Datacentralen.

EUnet has consistently been a firm supporter of the RIPE NCC's role and
independence in the European Internet Industry.

Vink has been involved with the RIPE NCC over the last couple of years. 

Position and goals regarding the RIPE NCC

RIPE NCC is to be a driving force in the development of the global Internet
address space allocation and registration policies and services, serving
the common interests of its constituencies.

RIPE NCC must operate as a strong independent and neutral organisation and
is to be ensured to have the necessary resources.

Name:          Wilfried Woeber

Affiliation:    Computer Center - ACOnet

History of involvement with European Internet and RIPE NCC:

  Wilfried's considerable and positive contribution to the work of the 
  RIPE-NCC is well known in the European Internet community (WG 
  chair and other activities). He has been serving the RIPE-NCC 
  for many years as one of the most active members of the related 
  community. By his eminent participation in the RIPE-NCC activities 
  he has continuously played an outstanding role in the advancement of 
  what is the Internet in Europe today.

Position and goals regarding the RIPE NCC:

  As in the past, Wilfried will surely represent also in the future the 
  interests of the users around RNA. He will always keep in mind the 
  importance of maintaining the neutral position of RNA, the 
  successor of the RIPE-NCC. He will take continuous care of 
  providing a high quality service to the users and to maintain a 
  fair consideration of the diverse user needs. Similarly, he will 
  keep in mind the importance of the intercontinental relations of 
  RNA, again by taking care of the interests of the European user 
  community. If elected, his activities within the EB will undoubtedly 
  be of an extreme gain to RNA.

                                  # - # - #



Paul Ridley

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