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Re: RIPE NCC in Danger

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    "Daniel Karrenberg" < >
  • From: "Alexandre KRIVINE" < >
  • Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 14:54:36 +0200
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    "Local Internet Registries in Europe" < >

Dear Daniel,
As SKYWORLD executive board, we will be proud to contribute in the exec
board of RIPE .
How does it work?
Two people : 
Alexandre KRIVINE

Jean Claude CARLES


Alexandre KRIVINE
Directeur Gnral
98, rue Barrault 75013 PARIS
+33 1 53808600
> De : Daniel Karrenberg <Daniel.Karrenberg@localhost
> A : NCC Contributors ncc-co@localhost
> Cc: Reseaux IP Europeens ripe-list@localhost; Local Internet Registries
in Europe local-ir@localhost
> Objet : RIPE NCC in Danger
> Date: mardi 16 septembre 1997 14:27
> Dear colleagues,
> more than a week ago we have published the RIPE NCC Activity Plan and
> Charging Scheme.  We have also asked for nominations of persons to serve
> on the RIPE NCC Association's Executive Board.  Up to now there has been
> very little feedback to us and no public discussion whatsoever.  A total
> of 1 (one) person has been nominated for the Executive Board.  Only 13
> of currently 796 contributors have so far registered for the
> contributors committee meeting; that is less than 2% of the
> contributors. 
> I tend to interpret this data optimistically and conclude that you all
> are basically happy with what the NCC is doing and how it is done.  Thus
> you see no point to make the time it takes to take part in the
> governance of the RIPE NCC.  If this interpretation is true the vote of
> confidence is flattering.  However it would be very nice to hear it
> explicitly rather than implicitly.  This would make the NCC stand
> stronger and make the concept of industry self-regulation all the more
> stronger. 
> Given the low number of nominations, there is a real danger now that we
> will not be able to elect a strong and competent executive board.  It
> has become very likely that the executive board will be elected in an
> ad-hoc fashion at a meeting of a very few contributors and that there is
> no public discussion prior to that election.  This bears the danger of
> electing persons who do not really have the necessary time and/or
> expertise available to them.  This will make the NCC weaker.  NCC
> management needs the executive board as a strong partner in developing
> the NCC. 
> I am personally quite concerned that the lack of interest in the
> governance of the NCC may lead to difficulties in the long run. 
> Minorities and/or special interests might gain disproportionate
> influence.  The NCC itself may take up momentum in directions the
> majority of the contributors do not want. Once this has happened
> it is can be very difficult to correct. The amount of effort needed
> to keep something on track is far less than to put it back on track
> after it has derailed.
> I urge all of you to take more of an active interest in these matters
> and to nominate proficient people to serve on the executive board.  
> We would also appreciate feedback and discussion about the documents
> published, in particular the 1998 Activity Plan and Charging Scheme. 
> More information can be found at
> which contains meeting details and pointers to the relevant documents
> and at
> which contains an archive of the relevant e-mail messages in case you
> have missed them. 
> Thank you very much for your consideration.
> Daniel Karrenberg
> RIPE Community Member
> RIPE NCC Manager

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