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New Document available: RIPE-156

New/Revised RIPE Document Announcement
A revised/new document is available from the RIPE document store. 

Short content description

Ripe-156 is the first of a series of four documents describing a 
new structure for the RIPE NCC. Ripe-156 descibes the de-facto 
organisational rules of the new organisation.

Accessing the RIPE document store

You can access the RIPE document store via the World Wide Web;
RIPE-156 is not available from the WWW at this moment, but will
be soon, at the following URL:


The RIPE document store is also available via anonymous FTP to
ftp.ripe.net, in the directory ripe/docs. The full filenames of the
new documents on the FTP-server are:

  ripe/docs/ripe-156.ps   for the PostScript version
  ripe/docs/ripe-156.txt  for the plain text version

Documents can also be retrieved from the RIPE document store using a
mail server program.  For more information on how to use the program,
send email to mail-server@localhost with "send HELP" in the body text. 

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