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New structure of the RIPE NCC

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  • From: Paul Ridley < >
  • Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 16:09:05 +0200

Dear contributors,

As you are all aware a committee of three (myself, Karel Vietsch,
and Wim Vink) were tasked in September to investigate the seperation
of RIPE NCC from TERENA. After various meetings together and with the
aid of external legal and tax consultants we have come up with a
proposal. The first part of this proposal takes the form of a 
document describing the de-facto operations of the RIPE NCC-new
organisation. This document will be published this afternoon under
the title of ripe-156.

I ask you all to carefully read this document and send your comments
back via this mailing list. It is vital that we all participate to
make the new organisation as appropriate as possible.

The authors of ripe-156 are myself and Karel Vietsch. Unfortunately
Wim was too busy at this time to actively study the final draft and 
so the document reflects only the opinions of myself and Karel.



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