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SIRCE to be awarded to DANTE and UKERNA

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 16:15:34 +0100
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Dear colleagues,

we have just learned that the SIRCE pilot will be awarded to DANTE and
UKERNA. For details see included message. It also contains contact 
information for those interested.

Seasons greetings


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Subject:  The Works of DANTE, No.18


                  * *        A bi-monthly electronic news bulletin
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THE WORKS OF D A N T E       research community.

No.18, December 1996         Editor: Josefien Bersee


The TERENA Executive Committee has announced its intention to award
the set-up of a pilot European Security Incident Response
Coordination Service to a partnership consisting of DANTE and UKERNA.
UKERNA is the UK organisation responsible for the operation and
development of JANET and SuperJANET.

The establishment of a European Security Incident Response
Coordination Service was discussed and requested by the European IRTs
(Incident Response Teams) to solve a number of coordination problems.
These include dependence of European IRTs on the US funded CERT/CC,
as well as those arising from cultural, legal and language
differences, and different time zones.

In consultation with its CERT Task Force, the TERENA Executive
Committee set up a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to advise TERENA on
a suitable organization to lead a two and a half year pilot service.
At the beginning of October 1996, TERENA issued a call for proposals
to a limited number of organisations for the operation of the SIRCE
(Security Incident Response Coordination for Europe) pilot.

DANTE and UKERNA decided to respond to the call by establishing a
partnership which brings together the complementary skills of the two
organisations. UKERNA has the technical expertise of the well-
established JANET-CERT, while DANTE has the commercial and
administrative experience in the management of coordinated pan-
European services.

The pilot service is planned to be launched in the first quarter of
1997. DANTE and UKERNA, in consultation with TERENA, will immediately
start preparing the service implementation, one element of which is
the drafting of a detailed service specification.

As required in the specification of the TERENA CERT Task Force the
service will develop gradually. In the initial phase a coordination
function will be offered, which includes organisation of meetings,
help for the establishment of new IRTs, and the provision of
information services. In the second phase of the pilot incident
coordination will be included, and SIRCE will be involved in the
process of responding to individual incidents. After the pilot phase
it is intended that an operational service will provide full incident
coordination, 24 hours/7 days a week.


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                   and of course to all of you...

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