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SIRCE Developments (long)

  • To: NCC Contributors < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 00:05:30 +0100
  • Cc: Reseaux IP Europeens < >

Dear contributors, dear colleagues,

the final state of commitments on December 2nd was just short of ECU 40k
coming from 44 sources. Thank you all!

Organisation name                         Person                commit (ECU) AB                                  Pontus Ekman          1000
ACONET                                    Wilfried Woeber       1000
RedIRIS-CSIC                              Victor Castelo        1000
Academic Computer Centre, CYFRONET-KRAKO  Karol Franczak         500
IPGlobal, Informatica e Telecomunicacoes  Pedro Ramalho Carlos   500
Teleport C&S GmbH.                        Christoph Maerk        500
BT Public Internet Service                Nigel Roy Titley      1000
Tele Greenland                            Michael Schultz       1000
SpaceNet GmbH                             Sebastian v. Bomhard   750
Unisource Business Networks Italy         Mauro Magrassi        1000
Sontheimer Datentechnik GmbH              Bernd Sontheimer       500
ECRC GmbH                                 Dave Morton           1000
Tele2/SWIPnet                             Jorgen Ericsson       1000
Nacamar                                   Klaus Landefeld       1000
SIBS - Sociedade Interbancaria de Servic  Jose Eduardo Pina Mi  1000
LITNET                                    Daiva Tamulioniene     500
INRIA                                     Annie Renard           500
EUnet Communications Services BV          Per Gregers Bilse     1500
HogiaNet                                  Kenneth Hybner        1000
AT&T Internet Services                    Tankut Turhan, Henk   1000
CESNET                                    Pavel Vachek           500
OTEnet S.A.                               Theodore Thanopoulos  1000
HEAnet                                    John Hayden           1000
U-NET Limited                             Stuart Muckley         500
Telia AB                                  J=F6rgen I Larsson    1000
GTN                                       Andreas Baess         1000
INS GmbH                                  Andreas Frackowiak    1000
NASK - Research and Academic Network in   Krzysztof Silicki      500
Xlink                                     Michael Rotert        1000
Entreprise des Postes et Telecommunicati  Thierry Coutelier      500
HPT - Croatian Post and Telecomm, Teleco  Ivan Sedinic          1000
Unisource Business Networks (Schweiz) AG  Philip Bridge         1000
Clinet                                    Heikki Suonsivu       1000
InComA Ltd.                               Gregory Dmitriev      1000
Internet ProLink                          Mickey Coggins         500
MAZ Internet Services                     Rainer Lillge         1000
IFS                                       Daniel David          1000
Unisource Business Networks NL bv         Rob Reitsma           1000
Global One Sweden                         Eric Malmstrom        1000 GmbH i.G.                          Kurt Jaeger            500
NLnet Services bv                         Aris Doelman          1000
Transpac France/Global One                Bernard Malaval       2000
I.NET S.p.A                               Marco Negri           1000
Telecom Finland                           Pasi-Mikko Rautanen   1000
                                                        Total: 39250
This represents just 10% of the current contributors and about a quarter
of the amount we considered necessary to justify the project as proposed
in ripe-150.  From this we have to conclude that at this time there is
not enough interest in the service among our current constituency to
justify such an ambitious pilot service carried out at the RIPE NCC.  
I have therefore withdrawn the NCC's proposal.  Obviously there is some
disappointment because we would have liked to do the job.  On the other
hand I am quite happy that we did not embark on this project with very
short preparation only to find out then that the support was less than
expected.  We will let you know when TERENA has decided about the award
of the SIRCE project.  You can then consider supporting the particular
effort TERENA will select. 

I'd also like to thank the 51 people who responded to the questionnaire.
Here are the results:

   n    %
  51  100   Total

  47   92     STI likes that NCC asks feedback this way             
  46   90     ST9 We are satisfied with current NCC services        
  44   86     STG questionanaire easy to understand                 
  35   69     STA RIPE should start security coord WG               
  35   69     ST4 have looked at ripe-150 (proposal)                
  26   51     ST6 not enough time to consider                       
  22   43     ST5 should have been discussed at RIPE meeting        
  11   22     STB do not contribute because too vague               
  11   22     ST2 SIRCE needed in a couple of years                 
   9   18     STF TERENA involvement makes it too complicated       
   9   18     STE do not contribute because too expensive           
   7   14     STD do not contribute because we do not need it       
   6   12     STJ do not contribute until selctin process complete  
   4    8     ST1 SIRCE not needed at this time                     
   3    6     STC do not contribute because NCC not the right place 
   3    6     ST8 NCC should not start new services                 
   3    6     ST7 NCC should not do incident coordination           
   0    0     STH questionnaire took too much time                  
   0    0     ST3 SIRCE not useful at all                           

This further supports that the SIRCE service is currently not perceived
as very urgent by many ISPs but that it may become more important 
in the future.

A clear lesson I personally have learned from this is that the consensus
building process within RIPE and the NCC contributors committee is
a delicate one which takes time and careful consideration by all 
concerned. It is a good process which has served us very well so far. 
I will take great care to respect it better than I did in this particular

The NCC team and I will now do our best to increase the number of you who
are saisfied with our current services from a good 90% to as near to
100% as we can make it.


D. Karrenberg

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