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SV: SIRCE: Action Needed !

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    "'Dave Morton'" < >
    "ncc-co@localhost" < >
  • From: Kenneth Hybner < >
  • Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 22:17:46 +-100
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    "ripe-list@localhost" < >


%FORM [sirce9601]

I herby commit to contribute the ECU amount indicated to the 
SIRCE pilot project as defined in ripe-150 and the documents
it refers to. I confirm that I have authority to commit
my organisation for this contribution. I expect to be invoiced
for this contribution as soon as the project will have started.

Please put information between the brackets.

Please give your full name.

%NAME [Kenneth Hybner]

Please give your position in the organisation.

%POS [President]

Specify the registry ID of your organisation if it has one.

%REGID [se.hogianet]

If you have *not* specified a registry ID above, please give the
full organisation name and billing address. We will contact
you for more details if necessary.



Committed amount in ECU. Minimum is ECU 500. Excludes VAT where applicable.

%AMOUNT [1000]

Any billing reference that you may wish to be mentioned on the invoice.



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