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Re: SIRCE Funding Message

  • To: Krzysztof Silicki < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Wed, 06 Nov 1996 10:15:25 +0100
  • Cc:
    Irek Neska < >
    NCC Contributors < >


thank you for your comments.  I assure you that the the service as we
propose it will serve non-paying customers because we realise that this
is beneificial to the community as a whole and especially the paying
customers.  We are quite aware of the points you make.  For more details
you may refer to ripe-150. 

However, please consider the situation where all resources of SIRCE are
engaged in coordinating incidents involving paying customers; there is
no time left.  Now if a non-paying customer asks for resources there are
essentially two possibilities:

1) SIRCE serves the request by taking resources from other work, thereby
reducing quality of service for paying customers. 

The effect will be potentially unhappy paying customers and a happy
non-paying customer.  The non-paying customer gets what they want and
the paying customer gets less than that.  The likely consequence is that
the non-paying customer will not cosider contributing to the cost of the
service he receives and the paying customer may become unhappy enough to
stop doing so.  If this happens frequently enough the total amount of
resources available will remain constant at best but may actually
decrease.  A negative feedback effect! 

2) SIRCE does not serve the request until there are resources idle, and
keeps resources allocated to incidents involving paying customers.  As a
result the paying customers are kept as happy as possible and the
non-paying customer may consider to start contributing to the cost of
the service he requests.  If this happens frequently enough the
resources available will increase.  A positive feedback effect! 

I can assure you that the RIPE NCC through the years has had ample
experience with both policies and that the second one works much better.
It just keeps everyone involved much happier.  In the begining we did
indeed operate coordination services according to policy #1 for various
reasons.  We survived the negative feedback effect only because of the
dedication of the NCC staff duing those pioneering days.  As far as the
SIRCE service is concerned we beleive that the Internet community is
mature enough now to skip this phase.

Kind regards


  > Krzysztof Silicki krzysiek@localhost writes:
  > ...
  > As you know coordination of incident handling relies on strict cooperation
  > among IRTs, ISPs , customer representatives and many others. Therefore you
  > cannot ignore request just because it is from non-paying customer
  > (assuming you have some "payed" requests to handle) because it can be
  > dangerous to all constituency you serve. Hence I can imagine that paying
  > customers have "full service" but those non-paying should receive some
  > basic level of incident handling services. This is important at least from
  > the statistical point of view (how many incidents, what kind of incidents
  > etc.)Those who are paying should also be interested in handling of every
  > incident by "European CERT" instead of handling of selected ones - because
  > everybody is interconnected.  
  > Best regards,
  > Krzysztof Silicki

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