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Re: Meeting, Charging & Documents

Eric, Henk,

the rationale for the differentiation in subscription fees is given in
section 5.3 of ripe-143 which is appended below.  This explains that the
differntiation in subscription fees helps to cover the "+".  There are
two main reasons for doing this. 

Stability: It is a bad idea to radically change a working charging
system.  Given its importance to the ISPs and the industry as a whole
the NCC needs to have stable revenues.  Introducing a fixed subscription
fee would change the charges of too many contributors too drastically. 

Voluntary differentiation: Contributors who are willing to contribute
more towards the stability of the NCC can do so by choosing the
appropriate size category. 

Independently of the charging model I expect that this subscription fee
differentiation can smoothly be changed to a share model as per the
suggestion of Peter Villemoes.  Setting this up right would need
thorough research and a period of consensus building.  It can be pursued
if the contributors wish to do so. 

Finally one remark about choosing a category: At this point the only
guidance the NCC gives to registries is to compare themselves with their
(local) peers.  I personally think that it is possible and desirable to
introduce a set of guidelines for choosing the registry category.  They
could be based on the address space data used for charging model 3. This
would help registries find the appropriate category.  I still believe
that the category should be self determined but the guidelines would
certainly help and push people in the right direction.  This applies to
all charging models and can be researched quickly should the
contributors wish to proceed with it.



  > Henk Steenman henk@localhost writes:
  > ==> From: Eric.Luyten@localhost
  > > I would indeed expect that, model 3 (preferred) or 2 (minor shudder)
  > > being  adopted, there is a single fixed cost component and not three. 
  > I agree with Eric on this, when a model is adopted where a component of
  > the cost is already based on the usage of resources of the RIPE NCC then
  > there is no need for further differentation in the fixed part. 

    5.3.  Subscription Fees

                Because the coordination services, as detailed in
                ripe-act are agreed to by all contributing local IRs
                on an equal basis, the costs for those services
                should be shared among the contributors on an equal
                basis.  The costs for these services during 1997
                will be about 875 ECU per local IR (as detailed in
                Table A.3 in Appendix A).

                As will be discussed in Section 5.4, the fees for
                registration services should be kept at an absolute
                minimum. Therefore, the "+" described in Section 3
                must be retrieved from the sign-up fees together
                with the subscription fees for coordination ser-
                vices, which means the remaining "+" for 1997 must
                be earned from coordination services.  We pro-
                pose, however, that this remaining plus not be
                earned from all local IRs on an even basis. As with
                the charging model applied in 1995 and 1996, a
                weighting system will be applied so that large reg-
                istries pay a proportional amount more than mediums
                which in turn pay more than smalls. Using this sys-
                tem, large, medium, small and enterprise registries
                will pay roughly 5800, 3350, 1350 and 1350 ECU
                respectively for coordination services in 1997.
                Details are shown in Table A.4 in Appendix A.


                         | Coordination Services Charges   |
                         |           | Cost   Plus   Total |
                         |           | ECU    ECU     ECU  |
                         |   Model 1 |                     |
                         |     Large |  868   4826    5694 |
                         |    Medium |  868   2413    3281 |
                         |     Small |  868    483    1351 |
                         |Enterprise |  868    483    1351 |
                         |   Model 2 |                     |
                         |     Large |  875   4959    5833 |
                         |    Medium |  875   2479    3354 |
                         |     Small |  875    496    1371 |
                         |Enterprise |  875    496    1371 |
                         |   Model 3 |                     |
                         |     Large |  871   4892    5764 |
                         |    Medium |  871   2446    3317 |
                         |     Small |  871    489    1361 |
                         |Enterprise |  871    489    1361 |

                Table A.4: Charges to be levied for coordination
                                 services in 1997.

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