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Re: Meeting, Charging & Documents

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  • From: Henk Steenman < >
  • Date: Mon, 09 Sep 96 19:49:54 +0200

==> From: Eric.Luyten@localhost

> I would indeed expect that, model 3 (preferred) or 2 (minor shudder) being 
> adopted, there is a single fixed cost component and not three.

I agree with Eric on this, when a model is adopted where a component of the 
cost is already based on the usage of resources of the RIPE NCC then there is 
no need for further differentation in the fixed part.

The prefered model for AT&T is however the model 1, just for simplicity reasons.
Our second choice would be model 3 with the above remark taken into account. 
We don't see the model 2 as an option.

 - Henk Steenman 

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