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Re: Meeting, Charging & Do

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  • Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 15:30:24 +0200
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  • Organization: Sontheimer Datentechnik GmbH
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> We prefer the Model 1, because it is easier to apply.
> Variable fees general mean more expense and are more complex
> for all (first of all for new local registry, who especially
> need your services).

Are you shure that variable fees in general are more expensive? 

Please compare for example model 1 and 3 for a small LIR with only
one /19-block:

This year you have to pay 1.500 ecu. Next year this will be 2.550
ecu, that's an increase of 70 %. With model 3 you will have to pay
about 1.550 ecu.

We are one of these small LIR's and its clear which model we prefer...

Its correct that i don't know at the beginning of the year what i 
have to pay because it may be that i need additional ip space. But 
then i will have more customers in the same proportion to finance 

And: This model supports the goal of conservation of ip space, which 
model 1 doesn't.


Bernd Sontheimer
Bernd Sontheimer                    phone    +49 7361 93810
Sontheimer Datentechnik GmbH        fax     +49 7361 938181
Im Pelzwasen 4                      e-Mail sontheim@localhost
73431 Aalen, Germany          

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