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Re: Meeting, Charging & Documents

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  • From: Willi Huber < >
  • Date: Wed, 04 Sep 1996 16:46:01 +0200
  • Cc: NCC Contributors < >

> Dear Contributors,
> as foreseen we have just published the draft of "RIPE NCC Activities &
> Expenditure 1997".  I am confident that this document is clear and that
> it forms a sound basis for discussion both on this list and during
> the September 11th meeting.  I am very anxious to receive comments on
> this document.

Hallo Daniel,

I cannot make it to the meeting on September 11th, I'm sorry.
I have studied the paper ripe-143 and would like to expresse the preferences
of SWITCH with this mail.

First choice: model 1 (fixed fees)
Because its the simplest model, has worked well so far.

Second choice: model 3 (fees partially based on address space assignments)
Its doable, its more effort on your side, but I think should work as well.

Last choice: model 2 (fees partially based on RIPE NCC actions)
This model is an overkill. In addition I share the concerncs you expressed
in ripe-143, paragraph 6, fully.

I wish you a good meeting.


Willi Huber
   Willi Huber,  SWITCH,  Limmatquai 138,  CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland
   INET: huber@localhost | Tel: +41 1 268 1530 | Fax: +41 1 268 1568
           X.400: S=huber;O=switch;P=switch;A=arcom;C=CH

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