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Meeting, Charging & Documents

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 16:17:41 +0200
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Dear Contributors,

as foreseen we have just published the draft of "RIPE NCC Activities &
Expenditure 1997".  I am confident that this document is clear and that
it forms a sound basis for discussion both on this list and during 
the September 11th meeting.  I am very anxious to receive comments on
this document. 

Unfortunately we have not succeeded to get the accompanying charging
document ready today.  While the definition work on the charging models
has been completed, we are not satisfied with our current draft of the
document describing them.  This is still at a stage where it is too
difficult to understand and very likely to cause misunderstandings. 
Hence we have decided to continue working on the document in the next
few days rather than asking all of you to spend time reading a less than
perfect version.  We now expect to circulate the draft on Tuesday.  My
sincere apologies for this delay.  I hope for your understanding of the
difficulty of the matter and the pressures we are working under. 

Since many of you are rightfully curious about the level of next year's
charges I will summarise the carging models proposed very briefly.  For
the details please have a little more patience. 

We are going to propose three charging models, one of which will be very
similar to the current one.  The yearly charges will exclusively be according
to a self determined registry size.  The proposed charges will be as
follows (in ECU). 

		1996		1997

 Large		8500		7000
 Medium		4500		4550
 Small/Enterp.	1500		2550

The other two models will have a variable component.  Both of them will
have a fixed yearly subscription fee to be paid in advance:

 Large		5800
 Medium		3350
 Small/Enterp	1350

The variable component in model 2 will depend on the number of specific
registration services requests made by the registry.  Each request type
will have a fixed price which will be billed in arrears. 

The variable component in model 3 will depend on the amount of address
space allocated to a particular registry.  The charging will be done
such that there is a small charge each time an allocation is made and a
larger charge for all allocations held by the registry.  The larger
charge will be decreasing with the time an allocation is held, i.e. 
allocation made in 1997 will be more expensive than those made in 1996
which will be more expensive than those made in 1995.  Please note that
we are talking about allocations to registries which are different from
assignments to customers.  The charging will be based exclusively on the
allocations from the RIPE NCC to local IRs. 

The sign-up fee will remain at 2000 ECU. 

Billing in all cases will remain as it is, i.e. yearly with charges
computed by quarter.  half-yearly and quarterly billing will remain an
option. For details, please bear with us until Tuesday. 

Should you plan to attend the contributors committee meeting on September
11th and not yet have registrered with us, please do so as soon as
possible. You can find the details at

For your convenience I include a registration form.

I wish you a nice weekend.

Daniel Karrenberg
RIPE NCC Manager


Please send the form below to meeting@localhost and not to the list(s).


PART 1 - Registration

        %MTG    [ contcom96 ]

1) Your name

        %NAME   [ 					]

2) Your Organisation/Institution

        %ORG    [ 					]

3) Your e-mail address

        %EMAIL  [			]

4) Registtry ID, the registry ID string of the registry you represent

        %REGID  [ 		]


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