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Stop 'time permitting' service now!

  • To: NCC Contributors < >
    Local Internet Registries in Europe < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 13:26:04 +0100

Dear Contributors and Local-IRs,

Since there have been no objections at all, time-permtting service has
been abandoned as of this week.  The RIPE NCC will from now on provide
registration services only to established local registries in good
standing.  This has been announced at the RIPE meeting last week. 

Individuals requesting address space will be referred to their service
provider and/or the list of local registries. 

Service providers requesting address space will be informed about how
they can establish a local IR and/or be referred to their upstream

We will notify all those who have time-permitting requests pending. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Daniel Karrenberg
RIPE NCC Manager

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