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Service termination

  • To: NCC Contributors < >
  • From: (Tomaz Kalin)
  • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 1995 13:47:40 +0200

Dear friends,

I have to remind you that the following countries/institutions have not
contributed to the operation of the GUM NCC. To be fair to those who have
contributed from the very beginning we would like to remind you that time
is running out.

According to our announcement,  the countries/institutions that are not
contributing to the cost of the operation will be removed from the October
update of the NJE routing tables.

Please be so kind and get in touch with us immediately, if there is an
action needed on our side to help you with this matter.

NCC-Azerb. Acad.        Azerbaijan
Open-Contact-Ltd        Belarus
BELNET                  Belgium
CNRS/UREC               France
ESA                     Germany
FORTH                   Greece
Comp.-Centre-Univ.Col   Ireland
Institute-Exp.Physics   Poland
N.D.-Zelinsky-Inst.     Russia
I.-Abdulmajeed-AlBukhariSaudi Arabia
UAKOM                   Slovak Rep.
Institut-Fuer-Infor.    Switzerland
NETNORTH                Canada



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