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RIPE NCC Training

  • To: Local Internet Registries in Europe < >
  • From: Daniel Karrenberg < >
  • Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 13:39:16 +0200
  • Cc: NCC Contributors < >
    Anne Lord < >
    Mirjam Kuehne < >

Dear colleagues,

It has been discussed many times before that there is an increased
need for training of (new) local IRs. The NCC has now started an
activity to provide this which is expected to provide results by the
middle of this year. You can find the current plan below.
Anne Lord and Mirjam Kuehne are responsible for this activity.
They will provide more information about the planned format
of materials etc. upon request.

For two reasons it is very important that local IR participate in
this work:

	- the RIPE NCC currently lacks the staff resources to proceed 
          quickly enough

	- some local IRs already have local material useful for this and
          most local IRs certainly have experience and requirements which
          are useful
We would like personnel from local IRs to work with us to create 
the training material. What I mean is *work*, i.e. write, review and
refine material.

As you know, new registries are now paying a sign-up fee when they are
first established. The revenue from these fees will be used exclusively 
for this training project and for giving guidance to new registries.
This means that we will be able to fund work done at the local IR level
either fully or partially.

If you or your staff can contribute to this we would like to know

	- who?
	- for how much time (starting, ending, level of work)?
	- which part of the plan?
	- what exists already locally?
	- what kind of funding required?

Please respond to Anne anne@localhost and Mirjam mir@localhost.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Daniel Karrenberg
RIPE NCC Manager

			The Training Project

1. Project Definition 

This proposal will describe the outline of a proposed training project
by the RIPE NCC.

  - Background 
  - growth of the Internet means  more new registries than ever
  - dynamic framework within which we all operate means constantly
    shifting procedures
  - there is no time anymore for RIPE NCC to provide "consultancy service"

  => therefore a training need has been identified.

  - Audience
  - new contributing local registries
  - existing contributing local registries

  - Aim 
  - to train new local registries and to  
  - bring existing registries up to date with new guidelines and procedures.

  - Delivery
  - on line 
  - hard copy publications   
  - tutorials/lectures

2. Scope of training

Scope of training is
  - define responsibilities of RIPE NCC 
  - define responsibilities of local-ir's 
  - define procedures w.r.t interaction of local-ir and RIPE NCC
  - define procedures w.r.t interaction of local-ir and customer 

Outside scope
  - not a consultancy service on how to become an ISP 
  - not how to run your business as an ISP
  - RIPE NCC not offering domain name registration service

3. Delivery

  - WWW pages on web server (open to all by default)
  - training courses 
  - training material to accompany courses given 

4. Contents of Training

  - Overview 
	    - Roadmap of training document
            - the contents description 
	        Chapter 1 - Introduction
                Chapter 2 - IP registry
                Chapter 3 - Routing
                Chapter 4 - DNS
                Chapter 5 - Quick Reference Help	
	    - Essential Readings (general documents)

  - Chapters      

1. Introduction 
		- Registry system overview
		- funding basics
		- decision making process - contributors committee
2. IP registry (introduction + FAQ + references)
	         - global structure of allocation
		 - RIPE procedures on allocation
		 - IP addresses and AS numbers
		 - the RIPE database (allocation registry)
		 - non-provider registries
		 - local procedures, records
		 - sources of help

3. Routing (introduction + FAQ + references)
		 - global structure of allocation
		 - RIPE procedures on allocation
		 - IP addresses and AS numbers
		 - the RIPE database (allocation registry)
		 - non-provider registries
		 - local procedures, records
		 - sources of help

4. Domain Name Service (introduction + FAQ + references)
		 - read the RFCs
		 - forward and reverse domains
		 - where to get BIND
		 - register with parent domain
		 - some useful tools
		 - current root domain nameservers
		 - RIPE recommendations on timers
		 - RIPE document on various gotchas
		 - the RIPE hostcount
		 - sources of help
		 - references

5. Quick Reference Help

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