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[myastesting] Last developments

  • From: Maximo Alves < >
  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 17:21:37 +0100
  • Organisation: RIPE NCC

Dear myAS Testers,

This message is a quick update on the latest developments:

Concerning the Web User Interface:

- IE 6.0 has a bug on the MD5 digest mechnism. So unfortunately you can't use it
  because the login will fail. So far I have tried with Netscape, Opera and older
  versions of IE and it works.

- Some peple have asked for:
  * a SUBMIT button on the Alarm Configuration page.

Concerning the Backend:

- It's now running and processing data from rrc03. You can check rrc03 peers on:

- Although rrc03 doesn't have the same global view of the Internet as rrc00, the 
  current Backend software can't cope with the larger update dumps in a reasonable 
  time. A new version of this software will cope with bigger data volumes.

- From now on you might see alarm events on your account page or receive alarm 
  messages if you have this functionality enabled.

Concerning the people on this list:

- Currently we have 21 Testers registered but only 11 of you have sent us AS numbers and
  passwords that are required for creating accounts. 6 of these have so far added some 
  config data to their account.  

If you any have any comments or suggestions please send them to this list.

Best regards,

Maximo Alves.

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