Re: [afnog] ARIN to allocate from 74/8 & 75/8


On Tue, 20 September 2005 16:49:20 -0400, Todd Underwood wrote:
> look in the routing tables of routeviews/ripe/cymru/renesys peers?

Speaking of experience there is a difference potentially
between rfc1918/bogus/unallocated filters on an interface
that likely do reference a prefix list (no le/ge on
Junipers) - and a policy that handles BGP announcements.

It surely can happen (and did happen) that the BGP
announcements itself made it just fine while the filters on
the customer/ peer links where not at all updated yet (if
they filter BGP announcements for unallocated at all, etc).

Much less people filter BGP that hard, if at all, for
unallocated/ bogus, but rather keep the firewall policies