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RE: The Cidr Report

> Interestingly enough what Covad appears to be saying is:
> If we had a way to announce two things
> 1 - here are the advertisements for covering aggregates for Covad
> 2 - do not believe any more specifics for these address blocks, as they are 
> NOT part of Covad's routing policy for these prefixes
> then we would not be seeing this unfortunate case of unauthorized route 
> leakage being resolved in a way that seems to have unfortunate bgp 
> implications in terms of more specifics appearing.
> So its an interesting question. How could Covad achieve a routing policy 
> announcement of the form as stated in 2 above?

register the covering prefixes in the irr and folk should filter.
folk who don't filter are welcome to the results.  i encourage my
competitors not to filter.


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