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Re: DDoS tracking WG

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  • From: Clemens Zauner < >
  • Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 15:06:26 +0100 (MET)
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On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Jan Czmok wrote:

[fine to see some life at eof ... sometimes i forget that Ive subscribed]

> Why not using the euronog working groups for general work and the
> outcome of this discussions, ideas, tools can be presented at the
> ripe meetings.

If euronog turns out become a living group this would be for sure
an interesting approach. As others (CENTR, for instance) start
to meet in conjunction with RIPE, too.

> I also would like to have the ripe meetings together at least 2
> times a year with the planned euronog meetings.

I dont know who is in charge of planning the euronog-meetings,
but this person should in fact discuss this with meeting@localhost.
As euronog, even if it will become a success, will for sure start
as a rather small group, it would make sense to use unneeded room-capacity
from the ripe-meetings; especially not letting the meeting concurrent
to for instance EOF ... (for instance at 44, the St.J. I was emty at Wed
and Thu).

> Using this approach, we would assist RIPE and their community
> and still have the freedom to try our ideas and share our thoughts.

Well, I think there is a possibility to make both parties profit
from such an aproach, as many techs think that the RIPE-Meetings
are to less tech and too much administrative stuff.
(Which is not true, IMHO, espacially during the coffee-breaks & social

> What does RIPE EOF think about this ? We should discuss about this,
> since NOT every one is RIPE member and still valuable in the community.

You dont need to be a member for attending the meetings, AFAIR.

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