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Re: DDoS tracking WG

  • To: Daniel Concepcion < >
  • From: Jan Czmok < >
  • Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 01:19:48 +0100
  • Cc: Michael Hallgren < >

Daniel Concepcion (dani@localhost) wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> As far I know there isn't any ddos tracking working group in Ripe. 
> Really I prefer Ripe as host for this initiative. But the mailing list in RIPE 
> are dead :( But I am open in working in Ripe mailing lists  for the ddos 
> tracking. 

Dear all,

i would like to propose rather a kind of different approach:

Why not using the euronog working groups for general work and the
outcome of this discussions, ideas, tools can be presented at the 
ripe meetings. 

I also would like to have the ripe meetings together at least 2 
times a year with the planned euronog meetings. 

Using this approach, we would assist RIPE and their community
and still have the freedom to try our ideas and share our thoughts.

What does RIPE EOF think about this ? We should discuss about this,
since NOT every one is RIPE member and still valuable in the community.


just sharing my personal opinion - does not reflect company view(s)

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