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Re: ENUM domain names in Poland.

  • To: "Conroy, Lawrence (SMTP)" < >
  • From: Patrik F�ltstr�m < >
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 05:29:20 +0200
  • Cc: Stastny Richard < >
    Andrzej Bartosiewicz < >

I guess they still use RFC 2916 format.

My *personal* recommendation is to use both 2916 and 2916bis format for a while as software might not be updated yet according to 2916bis.


On Mar 31, 2004, at 01:29, Conroy, Lawrence (SMTP) wrote:

Hi Andrzej,
looking at the first number (+48225231300) , I note that the ENUM data is broken.

The service field is "mailto+E2U" - in RFC2916bis the E2U goes at the start of
the field, NOT the end.

Likewise for the second number.


See ETSI's TS 102 172 for the ETSI spec on Interoperability of European trials.

all the best,

On 29 Mar 2004, Andrzej Bartosiewicz wrote:
We are using this domain names for testing in Poland.

Please, do not call me and my friends in the middle of the night... ;)


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