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ENUM privacy and security

  • From: "Amelia Effendi" < >
  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 13:14:54 +1000

Hi all,

it came up to my attention about ENUM privacy and security. according to the ENUM USA forum, the focus is on Tier 2 NAPTR where collection of information from consumer is happening, as well as the WHOIS database where people can look up for other's information.

there is a debate in australian ENUM whether we should involve WHOIS or not for privacy reason.

in my opinion, there should be a dedicated entity to handle the record collection and maintenance and another entity to ensure that the dedicated entity is doing the job properly according to the regulation.

i would like to know from your point of view on the management of information flow in Tier 2 NAPTR and the WHOIS database?
i think it is a good idea to keep the WHOIS database, yet only the privileged people that is allowed to access the database (e.g having PIN number)

thank you,
amelia effendi

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