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dangerously flawed study on Naming, Numbering and Addressing to be presented at DG INFOSOC workshop

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  • From: Michael Haberler < >
  • Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 14:58:33 +0200

I cam across a study by Political Intelligence on Naming, Numbering and Adressing to be presented at a public workshop organized by DG INFOSOC to be held on 14 Oct 2003 as announced in

This study is plainly wrong already on many factual observations, and consequently also conclusions presented therein, and I think it would be fatal if political decision making would be based on such work.

In particular, the authors have obviously misunderstood fundamental facts about ENUM, numbering, and how communications services will likely be rolled out. Based on flawed assumptions, the study fails to make the proper regulatory recommendations - which should make sure that there is choice of services and benefit to consumers.

Richard Stastny, chair of the Austrian ENUM Trial Forum, and I as the vice-chair and interim +43 ENUM registry operator, take issue with this study, as it is fit to hinder the adoption of ENUM on a large scale. This is particularly detrimental as Europe currently has a lead in the technology, which can already be seen by ENUM-enabled products being introduced on the market.

We will come up with a detailed rebuttal and alternative recommendations, and I urge you to read this, make up your mind and voice your opinion.

One of us might participate in this meeting to set the record straight - so let us know your comments.

-Michael Haberler

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