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Re: Methyl Parathion - E605

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 14:05:09 +0000
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At 1:12 pm +0100 28/2/03, Stastny Richard wrote:
Dear list, and the Austrian ENUM Trial Platform,


-the potential confusion caused by establishing and apologizing
for this,

-that "I am confused" in ITU-T speak means "You are talking bull****",

-that we really intended to set up a domain for testing an debugging
purposes and had
nothing else in mind,

Hi Folks,
as a designer - (note: no quotes, we're building programs to use this
fine stuff) I welcome this clarification from the esteemed ETSI Rapporteur.

I understand from your note there will be another list set up and this
list will be for technical issues only, i.e. to help ensure that the
programs that use the network connections can process the data correctly.
That will reserve this list for its apparent purpose (i.e. non-technical

Thus, do we have an ETA for that list? - I and other designers might find
it useful, so many thanks for setting this up; with such efforts and with
application, others may cease to be confused. Bug-busters using E605 - I like it.

all the best,
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