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RE: ENUM trials in general

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  • From: "Stastny Richard" < >
  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 15:05:44 +0100

Hi Lawrence,

we do not have a plot, so you cannot loose it :-)

May I summarize even more:

Trials MAY a have a webpage with a WP dir and opt-in (for good sake)(e.g
like FWD)
RIPE is setting up a webpage with delegated CCs operating a trial
IF there is a WP dir, then a link is provided to the WP
thsi may be used by anybode having a browser.

IN ADDITION, a NAPTR or SVR record MAY also
placed in the tier 1 as described, which points to the WP dir IF

The ipmplementation of an WHOIS is up to the trial, also here a SRV
record MAY
be used as proposed.

Is this acceptable?


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] > Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 2:08 PM > To: Michael Haberler; enum-trials@localhost > Subject: RE: ENUM trials in general > > > At 1:05 pm +0100 25/2/03, Michael Haberler wrote: > >Content-Type: text/plain; x-avg-checked=avg-ok-19DF5E71; > >charset=us-ascii; format=flowed > >Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit > > > >At 12:53 25.02.2003 +0100, Stastny Richard wrote: > > > >>Michael wrote: > >>> > >>> maybe a "DIR" record? or > >> > >>is there an applicable ENUM NAPTR > >>> record which can > >>> be abused to provide the directory pointer information? > >>> > >> > >>e.g. ENUMservice web:http > >> > >> > >> > >>* IN NAPTR 10 10 "E2U+web:http" > "!^.*$!!"; > >>. > >> > >>is pointing to the Austrian directory service. > >> > >>So if you enter a nonexisting number you may at least get > >>the pointer to the directory service. > >> > >>regards > >>Richard > > > > > >well, that would solve the "nonexistent number" problem, and would > >probably be good practice. > > > >What I'm thinking of is an automated way to collate server > >information via a convention in the enum DNS tree, and use this > >information to generate a web page. > > > >Like: design a script which walks the tree to the cc > >level, looking for the magic records - the whois SRV RR, and the - > >yet unknown - directory SRV RR (or appropriate NAPTR record at the > >cc level. > > > >This script automatically adds two columns ("whois" and "directory") > >to, for instance, with > >links to the respective information services for each prefix. Fully > >automatic, total coverage, and opt-in for both services. > > > >-Michael > > Hi Folks, > forgive me trying to summarise, but I fear I may have > lost the plot. Please holler where this summary is wrong: > > The goal is to have a directory (AKA "white pages"?). > The thread originally mentioned a Web interface. > > For good reasons, RIPE are advised not to do this; it > has to be voluntary at the cc level (both for the T1 > and for the ENUM Subscribers). The IAB and RIPE are > avoiding some "non-technical issues" with this choice. > > Richard mentioned a web service provided by > that provides a website with a "white pages" (for > their trial). It's technically possible for other > trials to do the same. > > It would seem not too difficult to provide a Web > service that accepts an E.164 number and redirects it > to the appropriate country-based Trial directory web site, > IF such a site exists. > > Anyone and ->everyone<- could run a "top level" > meta-directory web service, but if these ARE to be provided > then there has to be some help to minimise the admin effort > by agreement that: > > (i) Trials will have a web site storing a "white pages". > Duff trials may not provide such a directory, but a > meta-directory service can redirect to either a web page > reporting that the particular trial hasn't done this yet, > or to the "main" web site for that trial. > > (ii) some mechanism for a trial to indicate that they > have such a web site -- Richard gave a simple example > using a single NAPTR at the "top" of the cc level, using > the web enumservice. Not exactly hard, IMHO. > > (iii) plus, of course, a cc list stored in the meta-directory; > it can check occasionally to see if a delegation has been > executed (with authoritative servers in place, not > just requested :). > > ------ > > Now, it would be nice to agree a syntax for a common CGI > so that the re-direct from a meta directory can be processed > by each of the Country trials web directories. > Something like: > http://<countryDirSiteName>/search.cgi?> number=xxxxxxxxxxx > > would be OK, where xxxxxxxxxxx is the > full E.164 number without the initial '+'. > > As an alternative, if one wants a web interface to Whois, > there's always something like: <> where %2b is, of course, '+'. That way, the querying user doesn't need to navigate through the country-specific web directory again. This list may be a good place to store such URLs, so that anyone wanting to produce an ENUM meta-directory can program in the particular syntax for each trial - not too difficult at present as there are few trials "up" yet. ------ So....why do we need SRV records? all the best, Lawrence -- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Roke Manor Research : This information is provided "as is" and is not <
>: intended to create any contractual or legal <tel:+441794833666> : relationship.

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