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Re: Re: ENUM trials in general

  • To: Jim Reid < >
  • From: "Sabine Dolderer/Denic" < >
  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 14:50:25 +0100
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On 25.02.2003 14:14 Jim Reid <Jim.Reid@localhost wrote:
> I am not convinced of the need for whois (either in general or for
> ENUM in particular). There is general consensus within the UK ENUM
> Group that a whois functionality is neither necessary nor desirable.
> I suppose this could change in light of experience gained during the
> trial.

You have to differentiate between mandatory and voluntary whois-service. And while I agree that a mandatory whois-service is
especially because of data privacy laws impossible, I still think that there are good arguments to provide - at least whithin the
trials - a voluntary service for trial participants to identify potential test partners.

> For ENUM, I think that ultimately DNS hosting will be done by the
> telco or equivalent entity that's responsible for some number block.
> If that's true, this entity can be the initial point of contact for
> any DNS technical issues which crop up. I wonder how often whois gets
> genuinely used for that purpose today? And for ENUM, there will be
> cases where people will want to register a domain and NOT have a whois
> entry at all: an unlisted phone number perhaps. I believe that some
> regulators can get uptight about providing a reverse lookup capability
> on telephone numbers.

I agree whith you that it has to be voluntary in the long run but it is vital to stimulate testing


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