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Re: ENUM trials in general, axel Pawlik <axel.pawlik@localhost, Daniel Karrenberg <daniel.karrenberg@localhost

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    Richard Shockey < >
    Marco Bernardi < >
  • From: Michael Haberler < >
  • Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 20:45:22 +0100


I do not understand the outcome of this consultation with the IAB.

There is a trial. There are fragmented directories underneath the country code spaces. Running some directory associated with a domain is a standard practice. There is a need for an interim directory - even I would like to try interoperability outside my +43 backyard without plowing through assorted websites. It is useful to exercise the collation of a larger directory, or take a stab at building a distributed directory in the first place. Everybody registering at this stage clearly knows that he cant claim innocence (mostly not even incompetence :-) on the privacy implications of the current state of technology. Everywhere the regulators are at least in the loop, or driving the trials. I for my part (interim registry) cannot observe any lack of visibility and attention by our regulator, telcos, data protection paranoia usual suspects etc.

I would like the person shooting down such a useful idea to come a concrete, workable and timely alternative.

Can I suggest you RIPE guys give this issue a second try in explaining the issue to the IAB ?



ps: I dont fully grasp the rationale for the involvement of the IAB in such a IMV tactical development support question in the first place. Define it as trial support and go ahead.

This might also be the opportunity to show SRV records at work with a useful job.

At 15:32 20.02.2003 +0100, Carsten Schiefner wrote:

Richard, Marco -

Richard Shockey wrote:
>At 09:24 AM 1/12/2003 +0000, Marco Bernardi wrote:
>> I think running such a directory implies some responsibilities. We
>> don't want any misuse/abuse. All this must be done in responsible
>> way and by a responsible organization. It seems to me that it can be
>> the perfect job for Ripe (Carsten - sorry for putting you on the
>> spot...)
> I have to agree RIPE would be perfect as the administrator of the root
> .... but I also think this is very very simple and not too much real
> work
> the only data collected would be
> User Name
> email address
> e164 number
> that can periodically generate a text file test participants can use

After considering the issue with IAB - the RIPE NCC is operating the Tier0 registry on behalf of the IAB - we came to the conclusion that the RIPE NCC shall refrain from offering such an even only temporary ENUM directory service to the community, as such a service would be better carried out by a different entity to preserve a clear understanding of responsibilities in the Internet community.
Also the effects of such a temporary directory relating to the longer term issue of ENUM directories and associated privacy and regulatory issues are not fully explored yet and need more consideration.

Thanks for your understanding - best,


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