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FW: TB approval on TS 102 172

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 18:08:07 +0100
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Dear all,
Some time ago I sent out a draft of an ETSI guide on "minimum requirements for interoperability of European ENUM trials" on the ripe list and got a lot of feedback from the list. The feedback was taken into account and ETSI SPAN11 NAR finalized the document in January 2003.
The document is now an ETSI Technical Specification TS 102 172 and went out today for approval. ETSI is planning to make a new version of the docuemnt after Summer depending on the feedback from the trials. So if you have any comments, please forward them to me and I will collect them.
The document makes assumptions on the "enumservices" used in the trials, since there is no RFCs out yet.
The following IDs are already taken into account:
additional IDs related to this document will show up before the IETF deadlines.
The document is not attached, but may be downloaded from
best regards
Richard Stastny
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From: Christian Julien [mailto:Christian.Julien@localhost]
Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 2:37 PM
To: SPAN_PLEN@localhost
Subject: TB approval on TS 102 172
Importance: High

Dear Colleagues,

The current draft which has been produced by SPAN11 NAR is given to you for your approval.  Target date for approval: Friday 21 March 2003. You can provide Mr. R. Stastny, the rapporteur, or Mr. A. Holmes, the SPAN11 NAR chairman, with your comments, if any.

With my best regards 
Christian JULIEN
TC SPAN Secretary
JEEC Secretary
ECMA TC32 Liaison Officer
Tel: +33 492 94 4323
Fax: +33 493 65 4716
Gsm: +33 687 69 12 49


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