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Re: [fwd: my comments to the SPAN list]

>>>>> "Lawrence" == Lawrence Conroy lwc@localhost writes:

    >> <jim> Hmm. Wildcard RRs in the DNS give me the
    >> heebie-jeebies. Those heebie-jeebies are likely to get the
    >> heebie-jeebies if wildcards get inserted somewhere under
    >> e164.arpa to solve operational problems like renumbering. </jim>

    Lawrence> Hmmm....  Do you intend to let humans "hand craft" the
    Lawrence> zone files 8:() That would worry anyone.

Oh no, definitely not. Though if some masochists insist on this, I
wouldn't stand in their way. The days of doing DNS administration with
a text editor are over. As you say, this might be necessary to get
things off the ground, but no more than that. [FWIW the currently
empty 4.4.e164.arpa zone is maintained by hand.] Keeping track of
large numbers of delegations or manipulating NAPTR records with a text
editor is just silly. I wouldn't dream of managing my NAPTR records
with vi or emacs -- well maybe in a nightmare :-) -- even though I have
some DNS expertise.

BTW, I'm not sure how this relates to wildcard RRs. IMO they're bad
news no matter how they get entered into zone files.

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