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RE: Comments on ENUM Minimum Requirements

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At 06:05 PM 10/24/2002 +0200, Stastny Richard wrote:

Yes, I MEANT harmonized, and this finally leading to standardized. For
to be a success, the pricing will be of crucial importance. People
already thinking about business models are raising serious concerns
about the costs of providing these service to an attractive price
to the customer, especially in the small European markets. If have
heard voices from manufacturers and operators (Tier 1 and 2)
that they do not want country specific solutions and also want to
provide services on more than one country.

So we should at least try to harmonize as much as possible, and this
includes validation, interfaces between the entities on all tiers, etc.
This is a excellent point ... the devil is always in the details and my suspicion is that provisioning issues, protocols and associated client server software for ENUM provisioning will quickly jump to the top of the "harmonization" issues.

IMHO provisioning ENUM at a sufficient level of abstraction is a e-commerce transaction or a data exchange interface. Consequently when tools and protocols are developed for ENUM provisioning it makes sense to use widely available tools and protocols that are well understood in the e-commerce environment.

OK I've just made the pitch for SOAP.


Ok, this is an unprecise formulation, my fault. Here is not meant the
applications of an ASP, but potential application SW of the "ENUM
(starting to use the newly proposed term ,-). Instead of using a
interface, the ENUM subscriber may use an application SW on his PC or
and communicate e.g. with enhanced EPP. This may come in handy
the next logical step of PBX-administrators and ENUM tier 3. This issue
is currently a bit neglected in Europe, but one of the highrunners in
yep... the reason is you have to ask where is the data for ENUM registration is originating? Since in the US the focus of VoIP implementations is the Enterprise Business markets it stands to reason that the provisioning process starts at the IP PBX or IP Centrex service during a Add Modify or Delete process.

See also Rich Shockey's comments on this. I had some talks to Rich last
week in Atlanta and got the impression, that on the other side of the
the main drive for ENUM and VoIP is mainly in the business market (PBX
and Centrex)
for medium and large enterprises, whereas in Europe we concentrate more
on the residential customer. Correct me, if I am wrong, Rich.
Absolutely correct... that was confirmed again at the Next Generation Networks Conference we had in Boston last week.

Sales of VoIP PBX systems are showing real growth and there are some first rate success stories floating out there from the corporate IT departments. VoIP in the business market is showing real ROI even now where most deployments are intra-enterprise ... once you can accomplish cross-domain cross-enterprise call setup using ENUM as the external dial plan manager ..the ROI just takes off.

US Carriers are responding by dragging out the Centrex vs PBX argument .. TCO etc.

In presentations I call it "Creating Voice Extranets using ENUM"

The residential market in the US is inhibited by the lack of broadband deployments...but this too is changing with XP on the desktop and MS support for SIP. 2003 should be a very interesting year.

This is to complecated for me at this time of the day;-)
Will sleep over it.

> Finally, glad to see the ETSI document is stimulating a
> vigorous discussion!!

There are some good issues here ...

BTW once this document is finalized you should make a URL available to the IETF ENUM list as well.

Me too ,-)
> Regards...
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