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Re: [fwd: my comments to the SPAN list]

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  • From: Jim Reid < >
  • Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 01:35:22 -0700

>>>>> "axelm" == axelm  axelm@localhost writes:

    axelm> Yes, DNAME support was added in BIND9. But: DNAME is only
    axelm> neccessary if you have such weird things like the "shortcut
    axelm> dial prefixes" of Austrian cities (Vienna can be reached
    axelm> via the prefix "01", but also via "0222").

There may also be a need for DNAME whenever area codes (or equivalent)
get renumbered. [This has happened to London's area code twice in the
last 20-25 years.] An ENUM trial should explore the use of DNAME for
these situations.

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