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Re: Services Operations WG

  • To: "Erik Huizer (SURFnet BV)" < >
  • From: Havard Eidnes < >
  • Date: Sun, 09 Jan 1994 22:24:53 +0100
  • Cc:

> As the EEPG will be delivering the European IEPG members...

Are you sure this is a correct assumption?  Participation in IEPG is as far
as I know open.

> I don't see such a group harbouring Directory Service Operations,
> Information service operations, Secure mail operations, x400ops etc.
> Am I wrong?

(I take that you by "such a group" mean the EEPG.)

I don't think your assumption is wrong (although others seem to have a
different opinion).  The way I read the current proposed terms of reference
the focus is on infrastructure and operational coordination of infra-
structure and mandatory support functions and protocols to run that infra-
structure.  In support of this view, I quote from the proposed terms of

>     - propose solutions for an optimized interconnectivity
>       infrastrucutre...
> ...
>     - propose coordinated deployment of basic distributed network
>       applications.
> ...
>     - propose practices and methods for efficient fault isolation and
>       recovery as well as coordinated information dissemination in the
>       area of network management.

I would guess that in the latter point the emphasis is also on basic
network infrastructure, as we currently know it in the IP world (lines,
network layer infrastructure, routing, addressing, possibly DNS etc.)

- Havard

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