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Services Operations WG

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  • From: "Erik Huizer (SURFnet BV)" < >
  • Date: Thu, 30 Dec 93 13:28:32 +0100
  • Address: Cluetinckborch, P.O. Box 19035, 3501 DA Utrecht, NL
  • Organisation: SURFnet bv
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Since the QED list has been quiet for some time without coming up with a
real concensus on how to integrate operational meetings for service
providers that want to discuss Services and applications (i.e. above
transport layer) issues. Several proposed using the IEPG, and I hesitantly
said that might be the right place, but I feared for coordination of several
application services. Since then the EEPG has been established, and to my
surprise (no judgement intended) as a WG under RIPE. As the EEPG will be
delivering the European IEPG members, that gives me a European insight
into what falls within the capacity of an IEPG and what seems to be outside
off its scope. 

I don't see such a group harbouring Directory Service Operations,
Information service operations, Secure mail operations, x400ops etc.

Am I wrong?


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Date:    Mon, 27 Dec 93 09:11:26 +0100
From:    Bernhard Stockman <Bernhard.Stockman@localhost
To:      ripe@localhost
Subject: European Engineering and Planning Group Annoucement

Dear European Networkers,

At the previous RIPE meeting it was decided to host the European
Engineering and Planning Group (EEPG) as a working group within RIPE.

Find below information on the EEPG terms of reference and the
installed mailing list.

EEPG will meet for the first time at the January RIPE meeting and an
agenda will be sent out during first half of January. If you have
suggestions for the agenda please fell free to propose such items to the
EEPG mailing list. One item that certainly will be on the agenda is the
coming D-GIX implementation.

A Happy New Year to You All,

  Bernhard Stockman
  EEPG chair.


                           TERMS OF REFERENCE 



                           Bernhard Stockman
                           December 27, 1993

    The European Engineering and Planning Group is the platform for the
    engineering and deployment planning of the European part of the
    Internet. The Internet shall here be seen in a broader sense not
    just networks based on the TCP/IP protocol suite.  EEPG will be
    active in the area of operational planning and engineering among
    various network service providers.  EEPG will work in close liaison
    with the Intercontinental Enginering and Planning Group (IEPG) and
    bring attention to IEPG key activities as relevant within the
    European networking environment.  EEPG can thus be seen as the
    European branch of the IEPG and European participation in the IEPG
    will be drawn from EEPG.  EEPG is open for anyone but is mainly
    intended for operational planning and engineering among network
    service providers.

    RIPE, being the organization for coordination of European network
    services, is the adequate framework for the EEPG.  EEPG will thus
    have the form of a RIPE Working Group and meet in conjunction with
    general RIPE meetings, currently three times a year.

    With the recent development and growth of the global network
    environment and the foreseen problems in maintaining an ubiquitous
    and homogeneous global network infrastructure the EEPG sees as its
    role to to identify and prioritize key activities of a technical
    nature which have a direct impact on the European and worldwide
    networking environment. For this reason EEPG will:

    - propose solutions for an optimized interconnectivity
      infrastrucutre among European network service providers with the
      ambition of securing maximal connectivity and flexibility in terms
      of engineering and management.  With the increasing number of
      international network service providers, the maintenance and
      improvement of pan-European and global connectivity is an obvious

    - propose coordinated deployment of basic distributed network
      applications.  The overall future of the global networking
      infrastructure is dependent on our common ability to evolve the
      collection of basic applications in the direction of enhanced
      quality and reliability of services.

    - propose practices and methods for efficient fault isolation and
      recovery as well as coordinated information dissemination in the
      area of network management.  The focus here is to advocate the
      necessity of basic common operational methodologies and procedures
      within each network provider's operational domain to ensure that
      the user community can be serviced with a seamless end to end
      capability with appropriate mechanisms to ensure overall quality
      and reliability of the offered service. This area explicitly
      includes Network Information Center (NIC) and Network Operations
      Center (NOC) interaction.

    An EEPG work-plan will be maintained describing current areas of
    interest and priorities. The work-plan will from time to time be
    updated and documented to reflect changes of focus.


    The EEPG mailing list

    The list has been created as eepg-wg@localhost. Current members
    from the signup sheet as below. People can subscribe and unsubscribe
    by sending mail to majordomo@localhost. Sending "help" in the
    message body will provide a help menu. The informational text and
    the current membership are listed below. The list is archived.
    Archive files are available via majordomo.


>>>> info eepg-wg
Information about mailing list eepg-wg@localhost: 
This is the mailing list of the European Engineering and Planning
Group which is currently being set up. The group is expected to
be formally established at the RIPE meeting on 24-26 January 1994.
The draft ToR can be found in the archive.

Membership of this mailing list is open.

This mailing list is archived since December 22nd 1993.

For more information contact ncc@localhost.
[Last updated Wed Dec 22 16:02:10 1993]

>>>> who eepg-wg

Members of list 'eepg-wg':

RIPE NCC staff@localhost
Antonio Blasco Bonito bonito@localhost
Erik-Jan Bos bos@localhost
Daniele Bovio hi@localhost
Graca Carvalho graca@localhost
Havard Eidnes <Havard.Eidnes@localhost
Stefan Fassbender stf@localhost
Peter Ford peter@localhost
Elise Gerich epg@localhost
Herluf Hansen hha@localhost
Hakan Hansson hh@localhost
Ian Harding ih@localhost
Willi Huber huber@localhost
Avgust Jauk jauk@localhost
Phil Jones <p.jones@localhost
Tomaz Kalin kalin@localhost
Lars-Johan Liman liman@localhost 
Joseph Michl michl@localhost
Svend Moeller Nielsen smn@localhost
Dave Morton dave@localhost
Arnold Nipper nipper@localhost
Mike Norris mnorris@localhost
Petri Ojala ojala@localhost
Juergen Rauschenbach rauschenbach@localhost
Joyce Reynolds jkrey@localhost
Duncan Rogerson <D.Rogerson@localhost
Giuseppe Romano romano@localhost
Martijn Roos Lindgreen martijn@localhost
Miguel Sanz <miguel.a.sanz@localhost
Don Stikvoort stikvoort@localhost
Bernhard Stockman boss@localhost
Juliana Tamorri tamorri@localhost 
Geza Turchanyi h2064tur@localhost
Willem van der Scheun scheun@localhost
Daniele Vannozzi vannozzi@localhost
Marcel Wiget wiget@localhost

>>>> index eepg-wg

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