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RIPE database tools on Digital Unix v3.2c

Greetings -

I've been trying to use the RIPE database tools on a DEC Alphaserver 2000 
4/233 running OSF/1 v3.2c. When I try to use dbupdate to add stuff to a 
database, I get a core dump. dbupdate -V gives me the following trace:

	# bin/dbupdate -V tmp/arthur.person
	dbupdate - reading config
	dbupdate - doaction(COPY) called
	dbupdate - calling enparse
	enparse - reading something
	enparse - checking object format
	checkobject - called
	checkobject - returned
	enparse - checking object syntax
	checksyntax - called
	checksyntax - returned
	dbupdate - read an object
	dbupdate - opening database
	dbupdate - opening classless db
	dbupdate - locking databases
	Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Has anyone else experienced any problems like this? I have no problems using 
the same command and database on a SunOS system and on a Linux system. Thanks 
for any and all assistance ...

 - Arthur Green
   University College Dublin Computing Services
   Tel: +353 1 706 2456  Fax: +353 1 283 7077  E-mail: arthur@localhost

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