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dbase distribution

  • From: Marten Terpstra < >
  • Date: Sun, 13 Nov 1994 16:24:20 +0100


as the people from the GARR NIS pointed out rightly, I never announced
the latest database software that supports classless indexing and all
other goodies. For those of you who are running the current database
software, you have probably found out that running a mirror of the
RIPE database no longer worked. This is because of the indexing of the
old software which simply takes forever with the large CIDR blocks
inserted into the database. So, here is where you find the latest RIPE
database software:

Note, this is machine, NOT The directory
dbase-beta is unreadable, but the file is there and can be retrieved.

Besides the classless indexing it contains all new features for
ripe-181 and authorisation/notification and loads and loads of bug
fixes. I recommend that you use this dbase distribution rather than
the old one. The previous software will no longer be supported (unless
bugs apply to the latest software as well).


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