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Change in config

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  • From: Marten Terpstra < >
  • Date: Wed, 09 Nov 1994 18:36:31 +0100


I suggest you make a change in your config is you are using sendmail
to send ack and notification mails. The reason is sort of explained
below, which is the bit from our config ...


# MAILCMD is the command into which a composed e-mail is given as standard
# input, to be send as mail. The message piped into this command has ALL
# the necessary mail header to process the mail:
# From:
# To:
# Subject:
# The mail command should take the recipients from the actual message.
# Using sendmail it will be executed as: /usr/lib/sendmail -t < "messagefile"
# (default: /usr/lib/sendmail -t)
# -fripe-dbm makes ripe-dbm the trusted user that will appear on the
# envelope. Bounces will go to this address. If you do not specify
# this, sendmail will send bounces straight back to the automatic
# mailbox, where it will bounce again, and again, ....
# User has to be a trusted user, T<name> in

MAILCMD /usr/lib/sendmail -fripe-dbm -t

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