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various bugs fixed in beta software

  • From: Marten Terpstra < >
  • Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1993 17:31:06 +0100


I have not yet gotten around to fix all this into a nice distribution (to many
changes still going on), but I have fixed quite some bugs and have some
modifications for the guardian stuff (still a bit of a nightmare ;-) Also
block splitting was filled with bugs. In general if you wish to use the sw
do not use guarded attributes yet, they have most bugs.

I have put a new distribution in the usual place:

(directory not readable, file is retrievable)

Some of the changes made:

- some networks have the same value twice in guarded attributes [Wilfried]
	fix in

- LONGACK in rfc822 continuation lines not recognized [Wilfried]
	fix in

- block splits of overlapping blocks are totally broken [NCC]
	fix in

- some referenced persons are not output by whoisd [Wilfried & Daniel Kalchev]
	fix in

- special hidden option to keep tcp connection to whoisd open; useful for
	loads of queries after each other for tools like prtraceroute [NCC]
	change in

	(if you want to try this one, telnet to port 43,
	start your first query with "-k" and it will leave the connection
	open for you. you can then query as many as you wish. There is an
	inactivity timeout of 60 seconds after which the whoisd will close
	the connection. A simple "return" as a query will close the connection
	as well)

- timeouts for whois connections to avoid/cleanup "hanging" connections [NCC]
	change in

- using enread to read long format database attributes was completely broken
	only showed up in particular cases [NCC]
	change in

- various changes in preparation for the single value guarded attributes,
	particularly aut-sys [NCC]
	changes in

- small syntax funnies [NCC]
	fixed in

And perhaps a few other little things.



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