[certtest] Certification validation tool release and portal upgrade

Dear colleagues,

We have released a beta version of the command-line certificate
validation tool that allows you to either validate a single
certification object, a complete public certificate repository, export
ROA information, and print certificate repository objects.

The beta version and its source code are available to the certification
test group only, and shall not be redistributed. Upon the final release
however source code will be open-sourced and publicly available.

Log in to https://certtest.ripe.net/ for more information and download

We have also upgraded the certification test server. This release
allows you to view a history of all updates to your certificate
authority. See the new "History" link. Any change you make to your CA
configuration will be listed here. Note: the history will be empty
until you change something, since we have no history information from
before this latest release.

In addition to this, you can now also check validity of certificates and
ROAs. Every step of the validation process can be reviewed. See the
"Validation Details" link on the Resource Certificate and ROA Object

Please let us (or better yet the list) know what you think. Bug
reports, missing features, questions or any other feedback are welcome.