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[anti-spam-wg] Working Group Changes

  • To: RIPE anti-spam WG anti-spam-wg@localhost
  • From: Brian Nisbet <brian.nisbet@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 16:42:42 +0100


Following on from the process over the last few months and the consensus
that has been reached in the WG, we are now really to take the next step
and formally change the Anti-spam group WG into the Anti-abuse WG.  The
inaugural meeting of this WG will be at RIPE 57 in Dubai.

I will be asking the lovely and wonderful NCC staff to change the
web-page and mailing list over the next few days to reflect the change
in focus.

In an effort to keep the relevant archives and the membership we have
built up here over the years, the mailing list will be renamed rather
than a completely new list created.  If you do not wish to remain a
member of the WG list after this change, then you can, of course,
unsubscribe. Details of how to do this appear on the Anti-Spam and
Anti-Abuse web pages.

I will be sending a mail out once the list has been confirmed as changed
so you can make sure any and all filters are working.  For reference,
I'm very much expecting the X-BeenThere to be:

X-BeenThere: anti-abuse-wg@localhost

The new webpage with the charter etc. should appear at:

Thank you all for your input into this process and I hope to hear from
you all both on this list and at the WG sessions at many RIPE meetings
to come.